YEAY is a pioneering addition to the digital space, who's goal is to provide a seamless bridge between the mobile entertainment and e-commerce industries. With this simple tool, established and independent brands from across the world as well as individual private sellers are imaginatively able to extend their online presence in a way that reflects who they really are - giving them a chance to develop direct relationships with their customers.

For Buyers

How do I get the updated version of YEAY?

Just go to the App or Play Store and tap the ‘Update’ button. Our friends at Apple and Google will do the rest.

Can I still sell my stuff on YEAY?

If you are selling your own stuff second hand, YEAY is no longer able to support the payment and shipping. However, you can still share the videos of things you are trying to sell and put a link to that in the description.

Can my shop still sell and promote products on YEAY?

Absolutely! It doesn’t matter if you’re a big brand, an alternative designer, or simply someone who wants to sell some second hand fashion, you can still promote your products on YEAY. The only difference is that instead of selling it through the YEAY app, you will have to sell it through your own website or on a dedicated platform (eBay for instance). All you need to do is to put the link to the item in the description of your video. Then users who will watch the video could open the link and shop directly from it.

How do YEAY points work?

The YEAY points are here to give back some love to our users. The rule is simple: the more you use the app the more points you get. We reward you for a bunch of activities, but the most valuable one is to create videos yourself. For every video you create and is approved by our team you get 100 YEAY points! So, take your phone and share with the community your favorite fashion and looks. The more users will engage with your content the more points you will get