YEAY Video Shopping App

YEAY, a video-only shopping app, has announced today the launch of its first public beta version. YEAY is the first app where products are sold solely through video.

With this app in hand, everyone with a smartphone can sell anything they want with a simple swipe. Bridging the gap between popular video messaging apps and traditional e-commerce portals, YEAY sellers get the opportunity to showcase their products in a creative way to an audience of digitally-minded trendsetters and shoppers.

“Mobile video shopping is the future. In  ve years, traditional e-commerce websites, which only include text and images, will be the same as how we look at mail-order catalogues now,” said Melanie Mohr, CEO and Founder of YEAY.

“We found that online shoppers are 86 per cent more likely to make a purchase after watching a product video,” said Mohr. “Since buyers get a better view of the product, the return rate decreases by 30 per cent. Additionally, we have found that buyers are more likely to make a second purchase and buy more products per shopping session. For brands, YEAY provides the opportunity to create an emotional connection with the buyer through creative videos.”

By working with designers, influencers, boutiques and crowdfunding campaigns from around the world, YEAY has gained 7.5 million followers online before the launch—a number that is only expected to grow during the first year.