PRESS RELEASE: Fun and Easy – YEAY Launches in Open Beta

Berlin, July 5, 2016  / -- YEAY, the new fun and easy to use video shopping app, has officially launched in open beta. The mobile app provides its audience with great content and products, and presents itself as a new alternative to the sometimes monotonous experience of digital shopping. The launch comes just a few days after YEAY secured a single-digit million Euro seed-financing led by Grazia Equity.

YEAY is currently establishing partnerships with small and big retailers in cities all over the world: New York, Hong Kong, Berlin, Paris, London and Melbourne, to name but a few. Brands such as Relaxdays, Urbanara, Mister Spex, ZL by Zlism, WOK store Milan, Pixel Panties, eLeyTe and 8DIX, have already started using YEAY to sell their products.

With this app in hand, everyone with a smartphone can buy and sell anything they want. YEAY makes selling and shopping simple, entertaining and personal, whilst at the same time creating mobile-based community of people interested in video.

“YEAY embodies our culture of creativity and innovation,” says YEAY CEO Melanie Mohr. “We are committed to creating customers for life. We are a new company pushing into new markets and becoming a beacon of light in a new category of mobile commerce that goes beyond the traditional shopping experience.”

“Retailers and fashion stores can now not only rely on their voice, but also on their creativity to sell their products,” said Zoie Iam, Designer and Founder of ZL by Zlism. “YEAY will give designers and fashion brands an opportunity to engage with their customers instead of just selling them products,” added Iam.

Based in Berlin, the company now has 35 employees from 13 nationalities and a 49% female ratio—something the administration is very proud of.

The company’s value proposition is to change how people buy. With a combination of great content, retailers, exceptional customer engagement and industry expertise, YEAY will develop long-lasting and rewarding relationships with buyers and sellers.

Link to App Store

Android version coming soon.

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About YEAY: YEAY is a revolutionary e-commerce experience that redefines what it means to buy and sell on a mobile device. By utilising full-screen vertical video only, the YEAY iOS app enables users to create and consume content in its most current, concise and enjoyable format with the option to purchase.Using the app, established, independent and emerging sellers are able to extend their online presence in a way that reflects who they really are - authentically connecting them with their desired audience

About the retailers:

Mister Spex

Mister Spex are establishing a new way of buying glasses that is in keeping with the times and is the biggest online glasses retailer in Europe – one that combines the advantages of eCommerce with a range of services and advice from high street opticians. Greater choice and better, transparent prices in an easy, intuitive process. Put simply, with all the services their customers need. Today’s way to buy eyewear.

RelaxdaysRelaxdays GmbH is a mid-sized E-Commerce company based in the city of Halle, Germany. The company, still run by its owner, sells various different products through its own webshop, as well as numerous platforms and online marketplaces. Their extensive range comprises over 3000 items, from homeware and household goods, to sport and leisure, to car and spa products.

Urbanara URBANARA is an online-brand of luxury home textiles and accessories. Quality, natural materials, leading workmanship and corporate transparency are at the heart of our business philosophy. Our business model is clear and simple: direct cooperation with manufacturers, waiver of intermediaries, exclusive online sales and no excessive marketing budgets. That's how we guarantee quality, at an affordable price.


ODD. New York is a multi-brand luxury boutique celebrating daring personal style, the evolution of textiles, and reminding you that fashion should be fun. At ODD. New York, we believe that fashion should be fun. We provide a friendly environment for you to explore your uninhibited daring personal style.

ZL by Zlism

Planet ZLISM, is populated by positive vibes. The brainchild of Hong Kong based Designer, Zoie Iam, where illustrations, graphics and happy sound-bites are wrapped up in a fun fashion package. Her collection are made by her drawings about ZLISM citizens. So, “be a warrior not a worrier” and check out the citizens of ZLISM.

Pixel Panties

Made with squares, fit for round bottoms. Pixel Panties is a gaming inspired brand for a new generation of gamers ready to level up on their sexy skills.

8DIX8DIX (OTTO-DIX) is a London Fashion Brand by designer duo Luca Marchetto and Jordan Bowen. The dup fuse together their love for design and fashion. With Luca’s roots in punk, having worked at Vivienne Westwood for 5 years and Jordan’s craftsmanship drawn from 7 years at Stephen Jones Millinery.


eLeyTe is an independent fashion firm created by enthusiasts of the ephemeral art, the diversity and visual perpetuity. The privileged situation and the taste for knowing other cultures where landscapes and forms flood imagination, permits unique collections in which the prints are designed and the garments are made 100% in the Canary Islands.