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What is #notsponsored?

Through the #notsponsored challenge, you can make money from a t-shirt and a video. Simply buy a #notsponsored shirt from your favorite seller, create your own video wearing the shirt, upload it to the YEAY app, and make money from that video!

In this challenge, you are not sponsored by mom and dad or by any brand. You get paid for your creativity and you are in complete control of your success. Check out how it works below.

How it works:

1. BUY the shirt through the YEAY app. 

2. CREATE a video in your own flavour featuring the #notsponsored shirt. Film it using the YEAY app or any video editing tool of your choice.

3. UPLOAD the video to the #notsponsored campaign in the YEAY app.

4. SHARE your video on Instagram, Snapchat, & anywhere you can think of. Your campaign, your call! The more you share, the more friends and followers will know that they can buy the shirt and participate in the challenge just like you.

5. EARN $10 for every shirt sold through your video! The sky is the limit, so the more you create, the more you add that personal flavor, and the more you share on social - the more money you can make! And we handle all of the details from payment to manufacturing to shipping, leaving you to be you!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens when someone buys a shirt through my video? Whenever someone buys a shirt through your video, you will receive a notification through the app. Then you will be paid weekly.

How does the shipping work? When you buy a shirt, we'll ship it to you in 2-7 days in Europe and the US and 10-15 days everywhere else. When someone buys a shirt through your video, we ship the shirt to them and you get credited for the sale!

How do I get paid? We pay via PayPal. You can specify your PayPal address in your profile on the app.

When do I get paid? You will be paid weekly on Mondays with a week delay. For example, all week one sales will be paid on Monday of week three. All week two sales will be paid on Monday of week four, etc.

Is there a limit to how much I can earn? The only limit is the number of shirts in the world :) If you sell 100 shirts through your video, you will make $1000. If you sell 1000 shirts through your video, you will make $10,000. And if you sell 100.000 shirts or more, you become a self-made millionaire. The sky is the limit!

I'm in the UK (or other country that doesn't use US dollars)--how will I be paid? If you are in a country other than the US,  you will still be paid $10.  If you wish to participate in the challenge using Euro currency, then buy a shirt from a video in the Euro version of the challenge in the app.

How long does the #notsponsored challenge run? The #notsponsored challenge runs until 31 December 2018.

Can I create multiple videos? Absolutely. If you have a new and exciting idea, feel free to create another video (or 2 or 3). This is your campaign--the more creative and exciting you are, the more people will be drawn to your videos!

Can I create my video on my own (outside of the app)? Definitely. You can use the in-app videomaker, or you can create your own videos with your preferred filming and editing tools. However, you can only use the music from the YEAY app. We cannot accept videos with other copyrighted music. If you create your video outside the app, you can still use the editing tools within the app and add music from YEAY.

What is the time limit for my video?
Filming in-app The upper time limit is 30 seconds and the lower time limit is 5 seconds.
Filming outside of app The upper time limit is 70 seconds and the lower time limit is 5 seconds. Make sure your video is long enough to express your message!

Are there any restrictions with my video? Your campaign--your call! Be as creative and exciting as you want. Just avoid the following:
Copyrighted music, Nudity, Swearing, Weapons and Violence, Drugs, Smoking, and Alcohol.

Can I use any music for my video? For your video, you can only use the music in the YEAY app or music you own the copyrights for. Videos featuring other copyrighted music will be rejected. You can find the YEAY-approved music in the video maker in the YEAY app.

What happens if someone returns their shirt? For the #notsponsored challenge, no returns are accepted. This is not just a regular t-shirt! With the purchase of this shirt, you enable yourself and your friends to make a lot of money and quickly. By buying a shirt, you're supporting another creator who would then lose a sale if you return the shirt. Also, you want a guarantee as a creator and seller that your sales will not be returned, but that you will make all of the money you earned from your awesome video. Therefore, so that you can be confident as a seller, returns are not offered or accepted.

Can I participate if I am under 18? Absolutely. If you are at least 14 years old, you can participate with the appropriate permission of your parent or legal guardian. In order to receive payments, you will need to legally have a PayPal account which you may have to set up with your parents depending on your age and country. You could also use your parent’s PayPal with their permission.

Read full challenge Terms and Conditions here.

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